Lauren || Spotted Jasper and Rosewood classic set
Lauren || Spotted Jasper and Rosewood classic set

Lauren || Spotted Jasper and Rosewood classic set

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The Lauren classic set contains seven individual bracelets and is handmade to order.


  • Spotted Jasper semi-precious gemstone
  • Rosewood
  • Matte gold Czech glass
  • Champagne Czech glass beads
  • Matte black Japanese glass seed beads (set of 3)

The Lauren set is so beautiful and coordinates with so many outfits! Individual bracelets can be worn all together or mixed and matched. 

All bracelets are strung on durable, flexible beading elastic, making them easy to roll on and off, and able to withstand everyday life.  

Bracelet notes:

  • Bracelets are made of natural materials and will have minor variation in size, color, and shape. Enjoy your own unique product! 
  • Rosewood will patina with age as it sits against your skin. Enjoy the changing beauty, but remember not to submerge it in water. 
  • Beading elastic is very durable, but to give your bracelets the longest life possible, take care not to overstretch them. 

Mira Wren Bracelet Size Guide


Wrist size

Bracelet size




M (most common)






Don’t see your size here? Contact for custom sizing. 

The bracelet sizes listed above show the measurements of the inner diameter of the bracelets. Bracelets made of larger beads will be slightly larger in size, but the inner diameter will be the same. (Don’t try to recall your high school geometry class, just go with the chart!) 

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