14k Gold-Filled

What is gold-filled jewelry?

Gold-filled is a layered material. It begins with a core of jeweler's brass, and then a federally-regulated amount (5%) of real gold is bonded to the surface with heat and pressure, resulting in a very durable, long-lasting material. You get the benefits of solid gold at an affordable price point!

What is the difference between gold filled and gold plated? 

The gold in gold plated jewelry is miniscule. In fact, gold-filled jewelry has 100% more gold than gold plated! Gold-filled will last many years with proper care, while gold plated may have a lifespan as short as a few weeks before it begins to discolor and tarnish. 

How should I treat my gold-filled jewelry? 

Treat it as you would solid gold jewelry! You can even get it wet, and it will hold up like solid gold. Do keep all your jewelry away from harsh chemicals, though. 

I have sensitive skin; can I wear gold-filled jewelry?

Yes, 99.9% of people have no problems with gold-filled jewelry. 

Does it contain nickel?

No, none at all. 

Any more questions?

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