Jewelry Sizing

I want everyone to be so happy with their Mira Wren jewelry, so here are a few helps with sizing to make sure you absolutely love what I make for you. 


  • Measure your wrist in the following way: Take a strip of paper and wrap it around your wrist, making sure it is flush to your skin but not pulled tightly. Mark the paper where it meets the other end; then measure the length of the paper. This is your wrist size. 
  • Compare your wrist size to the chart below to order your preferred size. 
  • If you do not see your size on the chart, contact me at! and let's talk about custom sizing!



  • There are two main ways to decide on necklace length. 
    • Measure the length of a necklace you already have that you love
    • Take a length of string, drape it around your neck as you would a necklace, adjust it till you like the look, then measure the string. 
  • Below you will find a picture showing common necklace lengths, but please keep in mind that everyone's body is different, so a certain length on one person may look different than the same length on another person. I recommend using one of the measurement methods described above. 



If you have any questions, don't hesitate to shoot me an email!